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Brae Gromek, a.k.a. Gromo, a New York City college student wakes up every day knowing exactly what he wants to do: write music. With his extreme dedication to his craft and talent as a songwriter/ producer/ DJ he has broken into the New York music scene. He is bringing his music to international audiences, with appearances at ULTRA Music Festivals in Miami (the youngest DJ to ever spin the festival at 16), Europe, Japan, Seoul and Bali. His music continues to evolve with and define the ever-progressing music landscape.
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His natural curiosity about music led him to his passion. As a child, he would listen to his father’s eclectic music collection and analyze songs, breaking them down to their most basic elements: rhythm, melody, and harmony. Brae picked up a guitar and emulated his musical heroes at the time – heavy metal bands. He eventually outgrew metal’s boundaries and attitudes and expanded his horizons to the world of electronic music.

Influenced by hip-hop, R&B, electronic, and pop, Brae has molded his own sound. He believes he can learn from all genres to make his own music more compelling. “Song ideas can come from anywhere. I’m inspired by people, places, and cultures.” His philosophy when writing is keeping his songs simple, sexy and catchy.

With an open-minded attitude and in bold pursuit of his passion, Brae is resolved to using everything he has learned and everything he’s heard to create his own unique brand of music.

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